What can a mentor do for you?

The most accomplished people attribute their success, to a large part, to their mentors.

Bill Gates had Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs, Wayne Gretzky had Garnet Bailey, Oliver Stone had Martin Scorsese, and even Luke Skywalker had a mentor in Obi-wan Kenobi.

Mentors provide insight and guidance in challenging situations and help you avoid the pitfalls. And in business analysis, there are many pitfalls to navigate around.

Now you have your own 25 mentors, well-seasoned in business analysis, inside this book. Your mentors provide advice such as how not to look stupid, what kind of questions to ask, how to grasp the big picture quickly, how to respond when told to ‘just get on with it already’, and when you should just keep your mouth shut.

If you are interested in some advice from some of the best business analysts out there, then this book is a great opportunity to connect with them.