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About MindaHay300vation: Mindavation (Mind a va shen) The use of the creative mind to inspire motivation that results in innovation, productivity and growth—mindavate.

Mindavation is a turnkey organizational change provider providing outstanding project, program, portfolio management, and business analysis services through training, consulting, coaching, and resourcing since 1999. Mindavation currently provides services to companies and government agencies throughout North America and the Asia Pacific with offices in the United States and Australia.

Mindavation enhances capabilities of organizations by creating ongoing value through comprehensive and pragmatic project analysis, leadership, organizational change assessment, delivery, and education.

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 About Haydn Thomas

Haydn Thomas is possibly the world’s most pragmatic project professional. He is passionate about creating positive outcomes through effective and practical approaches to achieve expected (and sometimes unexpected) results.

Haydn has more than 20 years of real-world experience in management, including portfolio, program, project, and change management; business analysis; and business consulting. He has worked extensively in large international and domestic banks, government organizations, and solution providers. In addition, Haydn has worked with start-up organizations in defining and implementing structure, business solutions, leadership, change management, competencies, and efficiencies.

In recent years, Haydn has been following his passion of sharing his experiences through engaging and pragmatic course facilitation, consulting, coaching, capability maturity, and international speaking engagements.

Haydn Thomas
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Twitter: @Mindavation
Podcast: “In My Judgment”