Stakeholders and Change

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts

Know your Stakeholders – Jonathan Nituch

We business analysts (BAs) consider ourselves to be in the “requirements business.” Eliciting, managing, and communicating requirements take up most of our time. Doing a great job with those requirements is how we contribute value to our organizations. All this is true, but it is not how we should view ourselves. Business analysts are in the stakeholder business. Knowing your stakeholders in business analysis often means the difference between success and failure…..

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Walk in Their Shoes – Rod MacPherson

My biggest problem with the business analyst (BA) community is the tendency for analysts to spend too much time worrying about what is important—that is, the business. They express this concern by capturing highly formalized requirements. I will suggest a slightly different approach—stepping into the clients shoes…..

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Multicultural Challenges – Christine Beaulieu

Have you ever been called to work on a project already well under way, only to find challenging problems with the team members rather than with the project requirements themselves? Team members who refuse to communicate are scattered over three continents and making no efforts to achieve expected goals. Does this scenario sound familiar?…..

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Working With Head, Heart, and Hand – David Rawsthorne

Have you ever worked on a project that delivered on time, to scope, and within budget, yet there was little enthusiasm or delight from the stakeholders in the weeks after implementation? Or on a change program in which end users bypassed the sophisticated new computer system, despite senior management hailing it as a resounding triumph?…..

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Creating Effective One-Page Documents to Establish Shared Understanding – Patrick van Abbema

There are too many examples of business analysts who failed to effectively create a shared and common understanding with stakeholders because they failed to understand the information needs of their audience…..

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The Business Therapist – Mike Crawford

Business analysis has much more in common with psychotherapy than our clients would suspect. Psychotherapists avoid telling clients what their problems are or how to fix them. Almost no one takes that kind of advice, anyway. Therefore, therapists ask questions and make observations to guide patients towards understanding and dealing with their difficulties…..

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